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Unique Staircase Ideas

Unique Staircase Ideas

Staircase ideas are the ideas about the design of the staircase. Since land is getting expensive, people are chosen to have two or more levels for their house. In that case, they need to have staircase for their house. Many people are using the common staircase for their house. But, if we can think more about the function of the staircase, we can get a great designed staircase to be the part of the house decorations. That’s not bad, right? In this article, we’re going to talk about some unique design ideas for the staircase.

Storage Staircase Ideas

The classic staircase is the typical of staircase with space under it. Many people are using the space as the place to put things that they don’t need any more. That’s such a waste actually. Why don’t we use it for something more useful? You can create some big drawers and use the drawers as wardrobe for the clothes or storage for useful things such as books, shoes, and many more. You can put things that you usually need in the first level of your house. You can decorate the storage staircase so it’ll look cool when you open the drawers in the storage staircase. That’s a great idea, right? You’ll get a better look of the staircase and you can save more spaces since you already have storage.


Tree Staircase

This time, the staircase if focus more on the design. This idea for staircase is called tree staircase. This staircase is actually has the same design as the regular modern staircase. The interesting part of this staircase is the design of the handrail. At the bottom part of staircase, they make a root design with big stem for the handrail. And for the fence of the handrail, they create thin yet beautiful branch designs just like the branch in the tree.

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