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Tiny Studio Apartment Ideas

Tiny Studio Apartment Ideas

Studio apartment ideas are the ideas about having tiny studio apartment. It’s already known that studio apartment is small and having not so much space. In this case, it’s your job to decorate the tiny apartment of yours so it’ll look great even though it has less space in it. If you can decorate your tiny apartment well, you’ll get a better view of your own room and you won’t feel the small space that you have in your apartment. In this article, we’re going to talk about some designs that you may use for your small apartment. You can use them as the reference for you to decorate your apartment.

Attic Tiny Studio Apartment Ideas

This idea is especially for you who have a studio apartment that located in the top of the building. In some places, they’ll let you have the attic part of the ceiling as the plus space for you. That’s a good thing, right? But many people are not aware about that benefit. They only use their extra space from the attic as the place to put boxes with old things or other things that you don’t need any more. That’s such a waste, right? The space at the attic is usually big enough for you to put a single bed. You can use the attic as your bedroom and let the room space for other rooms. Bedroom is usually gets so much space, right? You can get more space in the main room if you move the bedroom in the attic. That’s a great idea, right?

Simple Wooden Design for Studio Apartment

You can also keep your apartment in simple wooden style if you want to have a cozy tiny apartment. Wooden furniture and design tend to give you comfortable atmosphere and natural view from the wood. You can use less decoration too if you already use the wood, especially the designed wood.

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