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Subway Tile Bathroom Design Ideas

Subway Tile Bathroom Design Ideas

Subway tile bathroom design ideas are the ideas about the subway tile designs for your bathroom. Tile is one of the materials that usually used in the places that have water all the time such as bathroom and backsplash in the kitchen. It’s more convenient to have tile as the materials since it can stands water and it’s also easy to install. Tile is like a polished stone that not slippery when you walk on it. That’s why you can use the tile for flooring or wall. In this article, we’re going to talk about the design of the subway tile in the bathroom that you may use as the reference for your own bathroom.

Simple Subway Tile Bathroom Design

The first one is the simple design. The simple design is the easiest design to deal with. It won’t gives you too much trouble since the concept is simple. In case of subway tile for the bathroom, the simple design means that you just need to use one design of tile to install on the wall and on the floor. You can choose the simple white tile in rectangular shape and install it in your bathroom. You can use the vertical pattern for the wall and horizontal pattern for the floor if you want to get a better view for the bathroom.


Black and White Tiles for Bathroom

The next concept is black and white concept. This concept is widely known in the design industry. Just like its name, you need to buy two kinds of tiles: black tiles and white tiles. After that, you can just install them on the floor and the wall. It’s depends on your idea about what kind of pattern or design that you want in your bathroom. You can explore your idea with the two kinds of tiles in your bathroom.

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