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Small Studio Apartment Decorating

Small Studio Apartment Decorating

Studio apartment decorating is the way to decorate the studio apartment. Studio apartment is the typical of small apartment that usually used by single person to live. It usually has one space for living room, kitchen, and dining room. There’s also one room for bathroom and bedroom, but they’re not so spacious. You may found this kind of small living place will be the bad place to live. But wait, it’s actually a nice place to live as long as you have the place decorated well. In this article, we’re going to talk about some designs that you may like if you happen want to live in a small studio apartment.

Brick and Glam Studio Apartment Decorating

The first idea is to get a modern and elegant atmosphere in the small studio apartment. The brick and glam theme is mainly using decorations in natural yet light color such as peach color, light pink color, white color, light brown color, and many more. For the furniture, you can use furniture in those colors in modern design. You can also use many decorations in bright colors because that’s the attractive point from brick and glam theme. Don’t be afraid of getting less space or the room that will look crowded because it won’t happen.


Nordic Chic Theme for Small Studio Apartment

This time, the theme is Nordic chic. This theme is tends to use simple coloring idea such as grey color for the wall, light brown colored wooden floor, or white ceiling. The furniture is also using simple color such as white and black color or grey and white color. You can’t get so many decorations since you have to make the apartment simple. Simple is the main point of the apartment in this theme so don’t put so many decorations or furniture in this kind of apartment.

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